interior design

our GOAL is to leave a lasting impression...

Affordable and HIGH QUALITY Interior Design Services

It is often true that First Impressions are often Lasting Impressions. We aim to do just that.

We like attention to detail, resulting in high quality… let’s work together on something that is special to you.

interior design

interior design

We take care of all the little details. We discuss and walk through everything from your door bell, door handles, floor & wall tiles, lighting and on and on and on…

We provide you with a detailed schedule to ensure that you get want you want.


  • concept plans
  • room planning
  • furniture layout
  • fixtures & fittings
  • appliances
  • custom joinery plans & details

kitchen design

Let’s work together on a design that is functional with a wow factor. Kitchens should not be limited to the wow factor only, but needs to be practical & functional. We do spend a lot of time here. In many homes we design, the kitchen has become a main focal point. 


  • kitchen layout & work flow
  • cabinetry style & colour scheme
  • sink & tap wear selection
  • bench-top design 
  • splash-backs
  • appliance type & selection 

bathroom & wc design

Design your dream bathroom. Space planning is important to these spaces. We create a detailed schedule of fixtures & fittings for you.


  • layout plan 
  • cabinetry style & colour scheme
  • sink & tap wear selection
  • bench-top selection
  • tap wear type & selection
  • tiles – floor, walls & features
  • toilet suite – shower – bath – spa selection 

internal colours

Colour your spaces right. Every room has a specific purpose, let us put the right colours to enhance these spaces. With the right colours, your spaces come alive!


  • matching colour to your fixtures – fittings & furniture
  • project colour scheme
  • wall & ceiling colour selection
  • trim colour selection – skirting, architraves & cornices
  • feature walls – colour selection

lighting - internal & external

Lighting & colours go together. It is vital that the correct lighting scheme brings out the best in space planning. Correct lighting brings out the best results.


  • ambient lighting scheme – overall illumination
  • task lighting – specific purpose
  • accent lighting – decorative
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